LPG Gas Subsidy Scheme

LPG Gas Subsidy Scheme | Indane Gas Subsidy | How to Get Indane Gas Subsidy Scheme

The DBTL scheme was in fact released on 1st June 2013 and it covered 291 districts. As several customers encountered issues in linking their Aadhar card, the Government launched the changed variation of scheme bearing in mind the concerns encountered previously.

The brand-new DBTL scheme was introduced on 15th November 2014 for the 54 districts of the nation. For the remaining districts, the scheme has started on the very first day of new year that is 1st January 2015. Not only the federal government made some significant changes in the scheme, they renamed it to “Pratyaksh Hanstantarit Labh or PAHAL”. Under this scheme greater than 15 crore consumers dispersed across 676 districts of the country will certainly be covered.

Features of LPG Subsidy Scheme

  • This scheme will enable the LPG Gas customers to obtain subsidy straight to their respective bank accounts.
  • You can link your aadhar card to the checking account to get the direct benefit of the subsidy. The govt has actually made an additional significant action by revealing that the subsidy could likewise be availed without aadhar card also
  • According to this scheme the consumer that will obtain this scheme to get the subsidy directly to the financial account will be referred as “Cash Transfer Compliant (CTC)”.
  • The consumers will certainly be offered Permanent Advance once they sign up with the PAHAL (DBTL) Scheme. The payment will be transferred directly to the bank account of consumers as soon as they make the first booking for a cylinder after joining the scheme.
LPG Gas Subsidy Scheme
LPG Gas Subsidy Scheme

LPG Subsidy Registration for Indane -With/without Aadhar Card

As you know our government is offering subsidy for LPG Gas Connection holders. If you are using Indane LPG cylinder at your home, you will discover all the information pertaining to Applying for LPG subsidy on Indane  Gas connection below. Review the information mentioned below meticulously.

How to Apply for LPG Subsidy on Indane Gas Connection :

As you recognize that minimal eligibility to get LPG subsidy is a Bank account and also LPG connection. Having an aadhar card is a benefit. This process is for the Indane customers who have adhaar card. Those who do not have it could skip to the some others process of getting Subsidy without aadhar card which is discussed later in this article.

<< How To Link Aadhaar Card With Indane Gas Connection >>

A) Process for Indane Customers who possess Aadhar Card:

Step 1 : Link your Aadhar card with Bank Account

There are more than one methods of Linking your aadhar card to bank account:

Offline Mode– In case of offline Mode, you have to submit the application to your particular bank in addition to information of Aadhar card.

Online Mode- Some banks are providing this terrific facility of Linking the aadhar card to the account by means of online mode. To make use of the online mode, it is important that the account holder has the electronic banking facility or registered mobile number.

Link Aadhaar card with Bank Account
Link Aadhaar card with Bank Account

The online mode enables you to link your aadhar card with the savings account more effortlessly. If you have the internet banking facility on your bank account, you could quickly link your Aadhar card number with your Bank account. To do so, you should:.

  • Login into your Online Banking Account
  • Once logged in, you will see the link to connect your aadhar details with the account
  • Enter your Aadhar number and other required details
  • Once the details will be successfully captured by the bank, they will verify the information you have provided.
  • Once verified, your aadhar card will be successfully linked to your Bank Account.

Aadhaar card Link With Indane Gas

Step 2 : Link your Aadhar card with Indane LPG Connection

Once your aadhar card is related to the Bank account the following step it get it linked with the Indane  Gas Online Connection.

Online linking Indane LPG with Aadhar card

Follow the steps given below to complete the process :

  • Visit the official Online Aadhar Seeding Page
  • Once you will visit the page, you will understand the whole process more clearly

Note : Keep your Aadhar card and LPG connection book with you as you need to enter the information when required

There are total 4 steps for Aadhar and also LPG Linkage Online process, to obtain begun you have to click on the “Start Now” button.

Step 1 :

In the initial step you will certainly be asked to Enter your area details, initially choose your State and Then choose your District.

Step 2:

  • Following step to choose the Benefit type, as we are doing this process for linking LPG details you should select “LPG”.
  • Then you need to specify the Scheme name according to your LPG connection or If you are making use of Indane Connection, select “IOCL”.
  • After this Choose the Distributor name from the checklist.
  • Then to complete the step 2, you need to enter your LPG customer number.

Step 3 :

  • After this step, you need to complete step 3 which is providing your details
  • Enter your email address
  • Enter your mobile number
  • Then Finally enter your Aadhar number
  • After that you need to hit the “submit” button

Step 4 :

  • Now an “OTP” will be sent to your mobile number and email id your specified
  • Enter the One time Password(OTP) and the security code.
  • Hit the submit button to complete the process

After efficiently signing up the request online, the concerned authority will verify the details entered by your. The confirmation concerning the successful linking of aadhar card with LPG will be sent out to you through sms and also email.

B) How to Apply for Indane LPG Subsidy Scheme without Aadhar Card

There are two methods to apply for LPG Subsidy without linking Aadhar card :

LPG Subsidy Scheme without Aadhar Card
LPG Subsidy Scheme without Aadhar Card

Method 1 : By Submitting your Bank details to LPG

a) Handing Over the application to the dealer: You can personally turn over the application including your bank account details to your LPG connection dealer. The dealer could be of Indane gas which ever before company your are using presently.

b) Using the online method to get your bank details entered in the LPG database: If you are making use of Indane LPG cylinder as well as have not obtained your aadhar card or number yet, you could still make an application for LPG subsidy using following process:.

  • Visit the Official “Join DBTL page”–.
  • Now in the page, you will certainly see two choices. As you do not have aadhar number, you should click on the 2nd alternatives that says “If you do not have Aadhar number, click on this link to Join DBTL”.
  • After clicking on this link, yet another page will be opened where you will certainly see various options. As we are talking about Online process here, you should click the link that says “Click right here as well as enter your bank account information”.
  • Doing this will open the login Page.
  • You need to enter your username as well as password to obtain logged in.

Method 2 : On web using online method

In this method you need to submit your LPG Details at the bank branch. The process is given below:.

  • First download the form through website.
  • Once downloaded take the print out and fill in the application form
  • Now visit your bank branch and hand over the application to the bank official.

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