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How to Transfer Indane Gas Connection

One of the most famous LPG brand in the world is Indane Gas, which is biggest LPG cooking source in India and known as ‘Consumer Superbrand’.Here you can check the process of Transfer Connection .When the situation arises and you want to Transfer Connection from one location to another then you may follow the following options.

Indane Gas Transfer Connection Process:

There are three ways for Transfer Indane Gas Connection.

Transfer within the same distributor’s area:

Just approach to your nearest Indane Gas Distributor and inform about Transfer, always you need to gave essential home address proof so that your area distributor change your residential address in their records for future supplies.

Transfer Indane Gas Connection within the same Town:

If you are transfer your connection within the same town, approach with your original SV(Subscription Voucher) to your current distributor. As your request, the distributor will make Transfer Termination Voucher for your new residential place. After getting the TTV, now you need to approach to your closest distributor and submit residential proof along with TTV and DGCC (Domestic consumer card) booklet. After submission the distributor will prepare a TSV i.e. Transfer Subscription Voucher against the former TTV and also will provide you a new consumer number. In further method all changed details will be simplified in your DGCC Booklet.
You can carry domestic cylinder and pressure regulator to your new residence, no need to surrender your equipments in that situation.

Transfer Indane Gas Connection out of the Town:

In this situation you have to surrender all equipments of Indane to your distributor, and also submit Subscription Voucher (SV) or Transfer Subscription Voucher (TSV), Domestic Gas Consumer Card also. For the new residence address distributor will make TV and also repayment the deposit held against the Cylinder(s) and Regulator. You need to be guide by your nearest distributor for further process.


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