Rajiv Gandhi Gramin Yogna

Rajiv Gandhi Gramin Vitran Yojna

Today in our country obtain a continue dealership of Indane Gas is very tough task especially in low population areas like villages,because there is very low population so that requirement of the people is very minimum.Therefore ,on 16the october government has launched new plan with “Rajiv Gandhi Gramin Yogna” name,this plan is beneficial for those people who have some difficulty in getting Indane Gas Connection,IOC spread there service in  eight states.Second plan spread in six states,and now planning is continue for third time.

How is Rajiv Gandhi Gramin Yojna is different:

With the progress of this scheme,average of mothly sale of Cylinder is 600 cylinders and 1200 Consumers.

It storehouse have a strength to store approximately 300 cylinders.
Estimate size of storehouse is about: 5m x 6m and showroom size is at least: 2.6 x 3m.
“Rajiv Gandhi Gramin Vitaran Yojna” does not distribute cylinders to direct consumer home.
This will be market to the customers with only fixed retail selling price.


  1. ANVITH NAYAK December 26, 2015 Reply
    • ANVITH NAYAK December 26, 2015 Reply

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