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Summers have inaugurated the dusty, humid season and a lot of people are having issues from the weather. Causing discomfort at its best, the delivery of gas cylinders is getting affected due to encroaching and scorching heat of the sun. Yes, there has been several cases of late delivery of cylinders and when asked for the reason, it is none other than our very own adorable weather.

Most of the delivery boys prefer to stay away from delivering gas cylinders during afternoon hours. The reason behind this is that they supply cylinders on tricycles and not motor vehicles. As an after effect, the heat kills the people and so does the late delivery. There is no shortage of gas cylinders but the delivery is delayed due to the present weather conditions. Many distributors have instructed the delivery men to complete the tasks before noon so that they do not suffer the torture. Mr RS Jagdeeshan, vice president, INDANE GAS  says that he has told his delivery staff to complete tasks before the heat gets to the maximum level. As per the orders the delivery process starts before six am so that work can be finished. “I feel drained. I have asked my distributor to assist me with an auto rickshaw or a van to supply cylinders” said a delivery man. Since many are on the verge of leaving jobs, the LPG supply is based on labourers from BIHAR, ORISSA, WEST BENGAL. Most of the distributors complain that delivery boys have become unreliable. They soon vanish and appear after several days. On an average these delivery men get a pay of forty five hundred per month and a ten rupee tip per house maybe. Therefore according to them it is not worth the effort.

The problem is getting worse and will be solved in due time if and only if the authorities provide the delivery men with appropriate vehicles and other facilities. They are trying their level best to hook up the issue and answer the queries.

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