About Indane Gas

The Background of Indane Gas in India

Today Indane Gas Company head ship with big brand name in the world. Indane Gas mainly deals with LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) to all over the world, especially in India. It has been paid the coveted “Super brand of Consumer” by the Super brand Council of India. Indane Gas (LPG) the lanch in India in the 1970s by Indian Oil and Tran emulate the lives of Billion of people with the acquaintance of the clean, accomplished and safe cooking gas. Indance Gas has been a merited about a “ Kitchen Revolution” in the world, which propagation enthusiasm and cheer in the million- billion of family with the introduction of clean, eco-friendly, efficient gas. It has record of highest bottling plant all over the world, and handle 5.8 million customers every part of India. There have so many plant situated 3500 meters above the sea level, at Leh.

ü Benefits of LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas)-

If you get disturbed from “Chulha”, bring your trustable connection “INDANE GAS”

  • It has led with a sufficient improvement in the health of women especially in rural area or villages by changing unhealthy and smoky “Chulha”.
  • Indane   gas  become today, an ideal gas for modern kitchen, with safety, credibility and convenience.
  • LPG is the mixture of Butane and Propane easily liquefied under moderate pressure.
  • LPG heavier than air, therefore it is generally settle- down in low lying place.
  • LPG has a low scent and mercaptan  ordarant is added for help in its ascertain or detection.
  • LPG is colourless and aosmic (without any smell).
  • It is like a liquid or easy to use and safe, clean and very eco- friendly gas.
  • Long life and low maintenance.
  • Promptly manageable flame temperature.
  • Very high capacity with direct firing manner.
  • Instantly warm up as faster warm-up and cool-down.
  • Free form summit time premium rates, different from electricity and others at only one price.

ü The Product of Indane LPG cylinder -

        There so many type of LPG which mention below-

  • Domestic LPG- Domestic LPG means which gas has been used by the house hold purpose at all. There are huge demand of domestic LPG and it is available in 14.2kg capacity cylinder with authorized distributors of IOCL. LPG is also trade in 5Kg cylinders. Indane is very friendly to housewives, if we use it in safe and as stipulated manner.
  • Non Domestic LPG- It is used for commercial purpose like Hotels, Restaurants and occasionally and it would be avail in three verities e.g.-5kg, 19kg, 47.5kg. If you have requirement this, you can go through the nearest office/area to full fill the formalities as well as contact to nearest distributors.
  • Bulk LPG- “Bulk LPG” meaning is that LPG marketed in a group or shipment. The Indian Oil company is selling commercially as agglomeration Industrial LPG as per IS 4576 (latest edition).The agglomeration Industrial LPG is disposed as Commercial Butane, Commercial Propane and Commercial LPG.  Some times the requirement LPG is changed which totally based on customer demand and supplied in various mixes of propane and butane.
  • Auto Gas-Generally it has been used in automobile business. Auto gas is a clean, high pellucid (transparent), ample and eco friendly fuel. It is obtain from the natural gas, and mixture of propane and butane gas. This is a power of higher energy result in 10 to 15 percent reduction of carbon dioxide (CO2) gas from the environment.
  • Non Fuel Product- It is not related with fuel/ gas. It like an object.


There is some example of non- fuel product, which mention below:-


  • High Thermal Accomplished LPG stoves:- High thermal efficient LPG stoves has been used in kitchen to make our meal. You can purchase from nearest branch or agency, or it available in four type burner. This stove have strength to save energy and high thermal efficiency. And manufactured as under the guideline of Indian Standard (IS).
  • Fire resistant Suraksha Apron-  Fire resistant Surakaha Apron is use full for household while making or cooking food in the kitchen. It is escape you from the fire and have a quality of instinctively flame preventer, blot free and water repellent.
  • Portable Fire Extinguishers- It is like a power (ABC) which have guts to control the fire. ABC powder texture of mono ammonium phosphate, that time (incident) mono ammonium phosphate acquittal the water thus it give the cooling effects.
  • Mysore sandal products- It is a soap product of big brand company the Mysore sandal, which include very famous class of Agarbathies, Talcum Powder, Oil, Hand wash and Body wash etc.
  • Kitchenware items- The company also selling the kitchenware item which use in our daily routine life like- Pressure cookers- AI & SS, Table top dry and wet grinders, Microwave oven, Non stick kitchenware, Rechargeable Battery, Induction cookers and also SS Vacuum flask etc.
  • Flame Type Gas Lighter- The flame type Gas lighter has implicit benefit over the spark type gas lighters. Flame type Gas Lighters are more  safe than other local lighters and can also be applied to Light the Candles, Lamps, Taillight etc.
  • Cylinder Trolley with wheel locking facility- It maintenance handling of LPG cylinder. The trolley is also with wheel locking facility which will not make free cylinder to immovable position.LPG cylinder trolley provide you long time subservience.
  • Suraksha LPG hope- It is like ordinary green rubber tubes which registered trademark of LERC, Bangalore and is manufactures under the LERC guidelines. LPG hope is consists of three layers. The inner -outer layers made of rubber materials and middle one is made of steel wire which prevents your gas from rodent attacks. The regular or believable customers can replace your green rubber tubes with new Suraksha LPG hose.